Our current focus is helping families and children dealing with the many stresses related to illness and poverty.




Thanks to your generous support, in 2017 we helped over 100 families! Here are some examples of ways that your dollars have positively impacted families.

  • Work authorization fees for the DACA sibling of a child going through cancer treatment.

  • Help pay transportation to NYC for a flight of an 18 yo with cancer who just missed getting a Make-a-Wish by a few months…

  • Payment for utility bills for family of teen with leukemia whose mother had to quit her job to be with her for a four month admission.

  •  Help with grocery bills for two months for young adult mother (of 3 kids) with cancer.

  • Rent payment for single mom of who children who had to quit her job to care full-time for teen with cancer and multiple complications.

  •  Payment for rent and utilities for single mom of child with multiple disabilities to cover the room she rents in a house during prolonged hospitalization and wait for bone marrow transplant.

  • Transportation and parking expenses for two months of clinical trial participation.

  • Gasoline and parking expenses for multiple family members who have to alternate care of sick father and hospitalized young adult with cancer.

  • Rental assistance for family with seasonal employment and only one driver who repeatedly loses wages for admissions to hospital.

  • Back to school expenses for siblings of patient with cancer; siblings visit on weekends and are always sad to leave and were so grateful to have funds for shoes and backpacks!


Stay posted…

In 2018, we will continue to give to hospitalized families. With your help, we will also expand our reach to include more children and families in the community, including foster care youth, at-risk youth, and families affected by poverty.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping ease the financial burden for families and children affected by illness and poverty.